3 Cool Ideas from Taper Haircut

Have you ever heard the term taper haircut? Well, if you are a man, this one must be familiar for you. It refers to the hairstyle really popular even since many years ago. It is basically a common haircut where the side and the middle parts have different length in which the sides tend to be shorter. There are so many variations of this haircut anyway, starting from the classic to those with spikes, something like carving, highlight and so on. Of course, you can choose one of them that you like the most. It is even the classic one is more recommended. Why? Here is the explanation.

Taper Haircut

Taper haircut with classic style is flexible you can even tweak it to other ideas you like the most without changing it so much. The classic taper is the basic one in which the description has been stated in the previous paragraph. To deepen the sense of classic, you can play with the way you comb it. Applying the sleek back hairstyle is great to bring out the formal sense. To make it look neater, using gel is recommended as well. Another idea is by applying the side part with one side is bigger than the other. Again, this idea is very good for formal occasion like working in the office or attending party.

Do you want to bring out the youthful sense on yours? If yes, this idea is great as well to be applied along with the taper haircut; it is the application of spiky fringe. It is likely to apply the spike or Mohawk style only on the front part of your hair. This idea is very good for both formal and casual necessities. To have the fringe, you can use gel and use your fingers and comb to form it.