Acer ultrawide monitor and its specification

acer ultrawide monitorIn order to make the best gaming monitor may not be the case for acer since this developer has been marketing one of the best Acer ultra wide monitor in the past year. This special wide monitor has becoming a buzz that is able to drive the sale of acer monitors especially when consumers start hunting ultrawide monitor hunt for their needs. One of the best monitors that are claimed to have penetrated the highest sales is the x34 predator, as the name suggests, this monitor is designed to support outstanding work.

The specifications and details for the latest Acer special ultra wide monitor

Using aspect ratio like other ultrawide monitors, curved screen up to 34 inch size has indeed been able to provide a different experience in playing the game. This can be done because the Acer ultrawide monitor can maximize the appearance of the game becomes more real and while reducing the lag with the best technology from nvidia g-sync. These additional features will make the visual of the monitor much more realistic and providing it with the best color theme that will emphasize on the visual. In other word the quality of picture that you will see is going to be top notch.

The presence of ips display technology support is also increasingly clearer screen display monitor and sharper color accuracy from all angles, this is still coupled with the ultrawide qhd technology with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels which will further make the movement quickly become more visible with a very clear. Although it has a fairly high specification, acer also still care about its security features, it is seen from the pinned comfy view feature that can display the screen with a brighter and eye protect that is recognized to protect the eyes from the risk of fatigue. Meanwhile, acer also equip monitors with the best audio to support your activities when playing games.

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAM

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAMKingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAM is the first product that can overclock automatically with plug and play functionality applied to advanced desktop generation with intel x99 chipset and haswell-e processor, the product is also available in 2133 mhz, 2400 mhz and 2666 mhz, but it also comes in a variety of kit configurations from 8 gb to 64 gb. As we already know, RAM is a very important part in any personal computer and laptop. Therefore, we need to have the best available RAM for our PC and Laptop in order to maximize the capabilities of our home computer. Therefore, we will try to explain several interesting performance that this RAM has to offer.

What can we expect from the Kingston Hyper-X Fury Black 16GB RAM?

Kingston hyper-x 16GB Fury Black is also recognized as an affordable yet high-performance product for a variety of Intel 6 and 8 core processors where you can get the best performance when creating 3d, video rendering, game play and very fast al process. In terms of power consumption is also quite efficient because of the setting starting from the lowest is 1.2 v, it also has a feature of low heat spreader profile with the form of asymmetric design characteristic of fury.

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB is also available in other options such as 32 gb and 64 gb kit for any activity requiring high memory speed, while also available frequencies up to 3000 mhz in various kit configurations. No wonder if this product is intended for the game enthusiast and overclockers because high performance can really be obtained, immediately have and feel the new sensation in the gameplay. In the end, we can safely conclude that the RAM from Kingston is a very interesting and amazing part of the computer. It can improve the capabilities and performance of our PC and give us easier time to work with our PC.

3 Cool Ideas from Taper Haircut

Have you ever heard the term taper haircut? Well, if you are a man, this one must be familiar for you. It refers to the hairstyle really popular even since many years ago. It is basically a common haircut where the side and the middle parts have different length in which the sides tend to be shorter. There are so many variations of this haircut anyway, starting from the classic to those with spikes, something like carving, highlight and so on. Of course, you can choose one of them that you like the most. It is even the classic one is more recommended. Why? Here is the explanation.

Taper Haircut

Taper haircut with classic style is flexible you can even tweak it to other ideas you like the most without changing it so much. The classic taper is the basic one in which the description has been stated in the previous paragraph. To deepen the sense of classic, you can play with the way you comb it. Applying the sleek back hairstyle is great to bring out the formal sense. To make it look neater, using gel is recommended as well. Another idea is by applying the side part with one side is bigger than the other. Again, this idea is very good for formal occasion like working in the office or attending party.

Do you want to bring out the youthful sense on yours? If yes, this idea is great as well to be applied along with the taper haircut; it is the application of spiky fringe. It is likely to apply the spike or Mohawk style only on the front part of your hair. This idea is very good for both formal and casual necessities. To have the fringe, you can use gel and use your fingers and comb to form it.

How to Remove Sliding Closet Doors with Easy Steps

How to remove sliding closet doors if you want to change your closet door with a new type of door? You need to remove the entire structure of your old sliding door out of the way so you will be able to place the new structure of your door.

Sliding Closet Doors Rmoved

Removing the sliding closet door easily

  1. First you need to make sure what type of track that your old sliding door have on its structure. You can see the track after you slide open one of the door and take a look at the opening on your sliding door. See if it has a notch on both the top and the lower track, or your sliding door might be build using solid structure. When it has solid structure you can see a flange that used to stabilize the roller on the bottom part of the track while on the top track you will see a flange which have short angle.
  2. How to remove sliding closet doors? You can slide the door so you could reach to the screw on the track on the guides in the bottom track part. Take out the screw using your screwdriver so you can take out the guide.
  3. For notch door you need to lower the top lower with screwdriver then align the front door to the notched so can remove the door out, repeat this with the rear door to complete your work.
  4. For the solid structure you need to take the door out of the way by placing it in the middle of the door opening and take it out. How to remove sliding closet doors? You can try to angle the door for around 15 degrees so you can grab the door then pull it towards you while lift the door.

Positive Voltage Reference Circuit

The circuit are suited for high precision extended temperature service if V+ is reasonably constant since IZ is dependent on V+. R1, R2, R3, and R4 are chosen to provide the proper IZ for minimum T.C. and to minimize errors due to Ibias. The circuits shown should both be compensated for unitygain operation or, if large capacitive loads are expected, should be overcompensated. Output noise may be reduced in both circuits by bypassing the amplifier input. Here is a schematic drawing:

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Schlage WCO100NX Best Security Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence

CCTV online what is it? Basically, aka CCTV Closed Circuit Television Camera nan supervisory tool is commonly found in various public areas such as offices and shopping centers. Installation of CCTV in an area is the most modern and effective way to monitor and prevent crime in the area. CCTV CCTV is the latest type of online that allows users to check the area nan watched anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection.

From Analog CCTV to Schlage WCO100NX Best Security Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence

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Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Men 2018 with Promising Quality and Design

In sports, choosing the right shoes will determine your success, performance, and even failure. Narrowing down your options to one particular pick can be a headache. No need to worry. There is this list of the top 3 best basketball shoes for men. With this guide in hand, you should be able to find the best item for your needs. Well, there is no headache included, for sure.

  • Nike Rev Zoom

The first option is Nike Rev Zoom which gains most positive reviews from users. The first thing to like about this basketball shoes is the attractive design with appealing but masculine colors. Black/Gum or Royal/White are just some examples of the available hues. With the shoes, you should be able to control the field easily. It comes in mid-cut design, aimed to improve flexibility and support. The rubber full-length outsole boosts grip and traction.


  • Nike Air Low Max Infuriate Shoes

It is the second name within the top 3 best basketball shoes for men list. This one has two color combinations, including the Black/Grey hue. Are they appealing? You can bet on it! Are they super flexible and comfy? Yes, they are. The low cut design is nice and flexible. This Max Air is designed to improve lateral movement while reinforcing containment and movement. You can also enjoy cushioned support with the midsole made from Phylon foam.


  • Longshot Shoes from Under Armour

The final one is the Longshot Shoes from Under Armour. The colors are appealing although the options are quite limited, only 4 options. The shoes are designed for heavy beating and long-lasting durability. The shoes are also plush with accommodating pads and supports. Not to mention that there is fused durable mesh to regulate the air for breathability.


Each of these shoes is coming with attractive features. Not to mention that their production is packed with the latest technologies. Find more about the best basketball shoes and review here. Hopefully, these top 3 best basketball shoes for men can help you make an educated decision.