Acer ultrawide monitor and its specification

acer ultrawide monitorIn order to make the best gaming monitor may not be the case for acer since this developer has been marketing one of the best Acer ultra wide monitor in the past year. This special wide monitor has becoming a buzz that is able to drive the sale of acer monitors especially when consumers start hunting ultrawide monitor hunt for their needs. One of the best monitors that are claimed to have penetrated the highest sales is the x34 predator, as the name suggests, this monitor is designed to support outstanding work.

The specifications and details for the latest Acer special ultra wide monitor

Using aspect ratio like other ultrawide monitors, curved screen up to 34 inch size has indeed been able to provide a different experience in playing the game. This can be done because the Acer ultrawide monitor can maximize the appearance of the game becomes more real and while reducing the lag with the best technology from nvidia g-sync. These additional features will make the visual of the monitor much more realistic and providing it with the best color theme that will emphasize on the visual. In other word the quality of picture that you will see is going to be top notch.

The presence of ips display technology support is also increasingly clearer screen display monitor and sharper color accuracy from all angles, this is still coupled with the ultrawide qhd technology with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels which will further make the movement quickly become more visible with a very clear. Although it has a fairly high specification, acer also still care about its security features, it is seen from the pinned comfy view feature that can display the screen with a brighter and eye protect that is recognized to protect the eyes from the risk of fatigue. Meanwhile, acer also equip monitors with the best audio to support your activities when playing games.

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAM

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAMKingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB RAM is the first product that can overclock automatically with plug and play functionality applied to advanced desktop generation with intel x99 chipset and haswell-e processor, the product is also available in 2133 mhz, 2400 mhz and 2666 mhz, but it also comes in a variety of kit configurations from 8 gb to 64 gb. As we already know, RAM is a very important part in any personal computer and laptop. Therefore, we need to have the best available RAM for our PC and Laptop in order to maximize the capabilities of our home computer. Therefore, we will try to explain several interesting performance that this RAM has to offer.

What can we expect from the Kingston Hyper-X Fury Black 16GB RAM?

Kingston hyper-x 16GB Fury Black is also recognized as an affordable yet high-performance product for a variety of Intel 6 and 8 core processors where you can get the best performance when creating 3d, video rendering, game play and very fast al process. In terms of power consumption is also quite efficient because of the setting starting from the lowest is 1.2 v, it also has a feature of low heat spreader profile with the form of asymmetric design characteristic of fury.

Kingston hyper-x Fury Black 16GB is also available in other options such as 32 gb and 64 gb kit for any activity requiring high memory speed, while also available frequencies up to 3000 mhz in various kit configurations. No wonder if this product is intended for the game enthusiast and overclockers because high performance can really be obtained, immediately have and feel the new sensation in the gameplay. In the end, we can safely conclude that the RAM from Kingston is a very interesting and amazing part of the computer. It can improve the capabilities and performance of our PC and give us easier time to work with our PC.

Specials tip get Free CS GO Knife no survey

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Free Csgo Keys No Survey Options

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How to install HP printer software without CD

This article intends to discuss installation the HP printer software without CD installation. It may help you when you lost the CD installation but you have to install the printer. One of ways in installing the software without CD is by using a USB cable. In this chance, the installation instruction fortunately is just for Windows OS. The following are the steps.

HP Printer Installation

The first step you can do is connecting between the printer and computer. Here you can use USB cable. Plug the one side the USB cable to the printer and the one side to the computer. If you do not have the USB cable, you may need to buy it. However, before buying, you have to look up what model of your printer otherwise the cable will be appropriate.

#2 turn on the printer

After the USB cable is successfully attached to both computer and printer, and then you can turn the printer on. You can press the power button and wait for a while. In any cases, when the printer has not being installed, the prompt of installation will automatically begin. If you face this case, you just need to follow the instruction displayed on the screen.

#3 open start menu

If there automatic installation does not appear, you need to start the installation by open the start menu. Click the start menu and then click search. In the box, you can type “deice and printer” then the system will show the result of the searching process. When you have found the icon of printer or scanner, then you can click the option “add printer” at the top of windows.

#4 click the name of printer

After you click the option “add a printer”, then the system will look for the detected printer. If you find the name of printer you have, you can click “next”. However, if the type of your printer does not appear, you can click the option “the printer I want isn’t listed”, you will be required to brows the type of printer. Commonly, if it happens, you need to download first the software from the website.

#5 follow each step of HP printer installation

If your type of printer has been detected, then you can click “next” and follow the installation steps. The installation process may take several minutes. If it finish, you are required to click the button “finish”. Then, the HP printer can work appropriately.