Popular Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, model and entrepreneur. She is well known from the reality series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Kim is also of Armenian decent and is an exotic beauty. Along with her good look, she has lovely hair that is always paired with some show stopping styles.

I have always said that Kim Kardashian is one of the fore- runners in the brunette campaign. She has worn her dark hair with so much style and sophistication that it hurts. She has forced use to stop our obsession with blonde hair and appreciate lovely dark or better yet black shaded hair.

Kim has worn her hair black for a number of years in short bobs, short curly hair and amazing hairstyles for long hair. These styles have been made even lovelier by Kim. She has recently added some highlights to her hair and has been known to wears simple lowlights. Kim Kardashian’s most popular look is unequivocally her long black curly center parted hairstyle. This look at one point was even called the Kim Kardashian hairstyle. We love this look because it is both versatile and cute on any face shape. If you want to try this look, here is how to style it.

Here are the things you will need:

  1. One inch flat iron (curling iron can be uses).
  2. Clips to hold hair in place.
  3. Comb
  4. Volumizing spray
  5. Flexible rods and curlers

Styling procedure.

  1. Part hair in the center. Make sure to detangle hair properly.
  2. Layer your hair. This process helps to make curls look more appealing and full. It also helps to add movement, texture and body. Start with a basic layer to give some life to this Kim Kardashian inspired hairstyle.
  3. Add some thermal heat protector and leave in conditioner. This will help to add volume to hair.
  4. Add volumizing spray and allow hair to dry. This will help to create a lift that will make this Kim Kardashian style more appealing.
  5. Use flat iron to curl your bang area away from your face. This is vital to ensure you create a framed fringe. Wrap hair around curler.
  6. Repeat same step on the opposite side.
  7. Use flat iron to curl the other sections then wrap hair around flexible rods.
  8. Repeat this step until hair is complete. Make sure to curl away from the face.
  9. Remove rods and curlers.
  10. Comb through hair with fingers. This will create waves.

This Kim Kardashian Hairstyles is lovely on any face shape and gives life to dull, plain straight hair. This style can be done without the center part. Remember be your bold self and enjoy life.

Folding Table Hardware for Maintenance

Folding Table Hardware

Folding table hardware can be your solution when you have the folding table in your house. Folding table has been one of the trends in these late days. This is because the folding table will be so much easier to use and you will also find it to be advantageous for you. This makes there are so many thing you can do for your house furniture. By choosing the foldable table it means you will also get the furniture to be functional and unique. Since there are so many things you can get from the folding table, you will also get the easiness of having it for your house decoration.

When you are dealing with the folding table, you will find so many advantages. But, getting many advantages doesn’t mean that you will get the perfect furniture for your house. Behind all the plus points of this unique table, you will also find that there is something which can be considered as the weakness of this kind of furniture. This is about the accessories of the table itself. When you get the table to be used for some long times, you will also get the table to be vulnerable and fragile. This makes you have to do more maintenance for your folding table by getting the folding table hardware.

The table which has been used for a particular term of time will be broken and damaged. When you get the table to be your best furniture, you can do the maintenance by making sure that everything in your table is always in good condition. The connection between two parts of your table should also be maintained. This will keep your table in being unique and also comfortable to use. When you are considering having the folding table hardware, you will also find so many accessories which can be used for your table, making it to be functional without any damaged part.

3 Cool Ideas from Taper Haircut

Have you ever heard the term taper haircut? Well, if you are a man, this one must be familiar for you. It refers to the hairstyle really popular even since many years ago. It is basically a common haircut where the side and the middle parts have different length in which the sides tend to be shorter. There are so many variations of this haircut anyway, starting from the classic to those with spikes, something like carving, highlight and so on. Of course, you can choose one of them that you like the most. It is even the classic one is more recommended. Why? Here is the explanation.

Taper Haircut

Taper haircut with classic style is flexible you can even tweak it to other ideas you like the most without changing it so much. The classic taper is the basic one in which the description has been stated in the previous paragraph. To deepen the sense of classic, you can play with the way you comb it. Applying the sleek back hairstyle is great to bring out the formal sense. To make it look neater, using gel is recommended as well. Another idea is by applying the side part with one side is bigger than the other. Again, this idea is very good for formal occasion like working in the office or attending party.

Do you want to bring out the youthful sense on yours? If yes, this idea is great as well to be applied along with the taper haircut; it is the application of spiky fringe. It is likely to apply the spike or Mohawk style only on the front part of your hair. This idea is very good for both formal and casual necessities. To have the fringe, you can use gel and use your fingers and comb to form it.

How to Remove Sliding Closet Doors with Easy Steps

How to remove sliding closet doors if you want to change your closet door with a new type of door? You need to remove the entire structure of your old sliding door out of the way so you will be able to place the new structure of your door.

Sliding Closet Doors Rmoved

Removing the sliding closet door easily

  1. First you need to make sure what type of track that your old sliding door have on its structure. You can see the track after you slide open one of the door and take a look at the opening on your sliding door. See if it has a notch on both the top and the lower track, or your sliding door might be build using solid structure. When it has solid structure you can see a flange that used to stabilize the roller on the bottom part of the track while on the top track you will see a flange which have short angle.
  2. How to remove sliding closet doors? You can slide the door so you could reach to the screw on the track on the guides in the bottom track part. Take out the screw using your screwdriver so you can take out the guide.
  3. For notch door you need to lower the top lower with screwdriver then align the front door to the notched so can remove the door out, repeat this with the rear door to complete your work.
  4. For the solid structure you need to take the door out of the way by placing it in the middle of the door opening and take it out. How to remove sliding closet doors? You can try to angle the door for around 15 degrees so you can grab the door then pull it towards you while lift the door.

Revere Pewter Living Room at the Present Time

Revere Pewter Living Room

Minimalist home design with revere pewter living room to be a perfect solution for those of you who have a narrow land and want to set up a home for family residence, because with a small size we can build a beautiful house and has a room functionally and maximally. With the size of a minimalist home and narrow, will certainly make adjustments in some rooms contained in the house so that the room in a minimalist house must have a land that is not too broad, one room that must have adequate area is the living room. Although the size is quite narrow but we can design by playing some form of room and the right type of color to give the impression that is not too narrow.

History of the emergence of a minimalist house early beginning is still very synonymous with the color revere pewter living room, whereas the color of pewter when it is still very rarely used in the field of home design, because during this flow of home decor prefer bright colors for a house such as white, cream, and orange as the main color of a house. Early on, the emergence of the design with a pewter color in the sense of having a modern impression and gives a broader impression of the building, and it turns out other than that pewter is very easy in combination with other color types, such as black, dark red, yellow, light green and white.

Design the color of revere pewter living room paint for your dream minimalist living room is one of the important points to create a comfortable room and gives the impression clean. Generally pewter color cannot be applied alone, requires a combination with a brighter color such as white, yellow or cream. Of course in terms of combining this technique depends on the taste and purpose of the homeowner. Some people consider paint color can affect the spirit and joy for the inhabitants.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint Color features a lightweight feel and a comfortable soft feel when applied to the living room. This color can also be used to create a modern look. Pewter combined with white or cream color can give the impression more comfortable in the living room. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint Color does not matter if you choose to frame the living room wall. You can use a light pewter color for a light impression. Using a pewter color on the filler element of the room can also be a good idea. For the wall you can cast white or beige. A comfortable modern atmosphere will make residents feel at home.

The Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint Color living room you can make look beautiful and no longer monotonous by presenting a bright color accent for example using red, orange or yellow that you can apply to the room accessories. Like flowers in pots, cushions that complement the sofa or paintings and other decorations that become sweetener of the living room. Yes, the color pewter became one of the many colors selected for interior design, you can try to apply this color and find the feel of peace that gives feel comfortable.

Folding Camp Table Design Ideas

Folding Camp Table

Folding camp table design ideas are the ideas about the design of the folding table that usually used in the camp. Folding table is an innovation that makes the table portable now. We can bring the folding table everywhere without taking too much space. For the folding table for camp, it’s usually the small one so that the folding table is not heavy. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the designs of folding table products for camp that usually sell in online store.

Let’s start with the first folding camp table. The first folding table for camp is called Folding Table 4’ Portable Plastic Indoor Outdoor Picnic Party Dining Camp. This folding table is the typical of long table with white colored surface and grey colored legs. Both table’s surface and table’s legs were made from plastic, that’s why the table is not heavy even though the size of the table is quite big. The interesting part is the fact that there’s black handle under the table’s surface. It turns out that once we folding the table, the handle will be pulled out and become a handle for the bag shaped folding table. That sounds interesting, right? You can buy this folding table with US$49.95.

The second folding table for camp is called Aluminum Roll up Table Folding Camping Outdoor Indoor Picnic Table Heavy Duty. This folding table’s surface was made from aluminum and the legs were made from aluminum too. Aluminum is known as light weighted metal, so this folding table won’t be heavy. It has square shaped shape with long legs and natural aluminum colored design. You can bring this folding table for your alone camping or small group camping. Since the size of the table is small, it’ll be troublesome if you bring this table in the big group camping. Anyway, you can buy this folding camp table for US$33.90.