Cleaning the washing machine

it is misleading to think that just because the washing machine leaves the clean and scented clothes, she does not need a cleaning both inside as on the outside. The washing machine must be cleaned every two months to remove the powder detergent, softener or even lint cloths or tissues which were glued inside the appliance.

Doing so does not take long. Just include this activity in their domestic cleaning never to forget that the device also needs care. Check now some tips and how to clean the washing machine without complication.

Mold and mildew

To remove mold, mildew and loosen the accumulated dirt in the machine, simply making a mixture of cooked at most two xírcaras distilled white vinegar dissolved in the water inside the machine.

Then, set the washing cycle, turn on the device and wait until completing the whole process. If your machine has the system with hot water, make sure you use the function and make more effective cleaning.

Taking rust

If your machine is showing signs of rust, it means that the cylinder is damaged. You have to call a technician, but you can remove rust from dirt and prevent the ruin clothes. The recommended is to add a cup of lemon juice or lime into the machine. If you have a hot option, the better. The mixture was allowed to take effect within the machine linked up to the entire wash cycle.

Removable parts and difficult parts

If the machine has removable parts, remove and wash one at a time with soap and water, as there may be product residue on them.

Write a general cleaning the outside of the washing machine using only the soft side of a sponge and a mixture of water and vinegar. Clean the inner and outer lid side, buttons and any other container of the machine that is not removable.

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