Artist Creates Amazing Graphics as would be the Disney Princesses Today

Although the classic Disney princesses are still relevant today, you can not deny that their appearance, although classic, can make more modern air. Without taking the essence of each character, the Chilean illustrator Fernanda Suárez decided to give the characters a visual with the face of 2017. The result was wonderful!

See retelling of Disney princesses by artist look.

Disney princesses today

Snow White

I am starting my modern princesses series, Snow white is first! . For process video , tutorial, high res and more visit my Patreon @fdasuarez


Pocahontas ❤. If you want to see more of this series please consider supporting my Patreon ( Continuing my Modern Princesses


My modern Cinderella. To see more of this series and get exclusive content please consider supporting my Patreon


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